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Terms & Conditions

  1. I am submitting this application for booking (after having read, understood and accepted the brochure/ prospectus/ sales literature/ terms and conditions of the Property as available on the Company’s website and/or as explained by the Company Representative) and declare and confirm that all the statements made by me herein/ documents submitted, if any, are complete and accurate and I have complied with the need to disclose all the material facts for considering my booking which shall be the basis of contract with the Company.
  2.  I understand that the receipt of application form by the Company shall not be construed as acceptance of booking. I hereby also agree that the property booked under the application form will considered to be booked only on realization of amount and subsequent approval by the Company. The company at its sole discretion reserves the right to accept or reject any booking without assigning any reason thereof.
  3. I consent to have clearly understood and agree to pay charges towards Developmet Charges, Club Membership Charges, etc apart from the Basic Sale Price for the chosen property.
  4. I agree to comply by rules and regulations laid down by RWA Society and akso agree to pay all the requisite charges, if any, as decided in and by the RWA.
  5. I understand and agree that any charge levied towards Registration Charges, Stamp Duty Charges, Mutation Chargesetc determined in accordance with the prevailing law, at the time of registration of the said property, shall be completely borne by me(the applicant), and till such time the Company shall continue to be the rightful owner of the said property.
  6. I also agree that any other Government Taxes or Charges which may come into effect after allotment will have to be borne by me.
  7. I understand and agree to pay the Charges levied towards Preferred Location Charges as per the payment plan prevailing at the time of booking of property.
  8. I understand and agree that the ownership rights would be transferred in my (the applicant’s) name only after the entire payment, as per the specified payment plan, have been realised by the Company and any other charges, as mentioned above has been paid in full by me(the applicant) to the concerned authority.
  9. I consent to and authorize the Company to change/modify the plan layouts, plot specifications etc, as necessary or for better execution of the project, as felt fit by the competent authorities or the Company/architect of the Company, for which I will not raise any objection or claim anything averse against the Company.
  10. I agree that the Company may make changes in the map or in the serial number of the property allotted to me, for which the Company would duly communicate, through any mode of communication.
  11. I agree and undertake to pay all the instalments as per the payment schedule on time, failing which the Company reserves the right to the cancel the booked property and forfeit 20% of the total property value towards cancelation charges. Balance left after forfeiture of cancelation charges, if any, shall be refunded back only after 12 months from the date of cancellation of the booked unit.
  12. I agree to pay late payment charges, which shall be levied by the Company at the rate of 24% p.a., in the event of delay in payment of the amount due, from the due date till the date the amount is realised with the Company.
  13. I may, if I wish, transfer the property to any known member of mine for which I understand that, the Company offers one free Transfer during the entire tenure as specified in the payment plan, any tranfer thereafter shall be allowed for a Transfer Fee of Rs 10,000/- per transfer.
  14. I understand and agree that the Company would accept all the payments for the proposed property only from me (the applicant).
  15. I agree that I will not held the Company liable for any cash transaction between me and the Channel Development Associate.
  16. I agree that I am aware of the fact that Company has not authorised any of its representatives to collect cash on behalf of the Company and it is my responsibility to deposit all the payments under any/all modes at the Company’s Registered Office and collect a receipt for the same.
  17. I consent to receive information from the Company through hard copy documents and electronic or telecommunication mediums from time to time.
  18. I hereby authorize the Company to exchange, share or part with the information relating to my contact details and information with other Redefine Group companies as may be required and I will not hold the Company or any other group company of Redefine and their agents liable for use of this information.
  19. I acknowledge that this is a common application form, applicable for expression of interest cum booking in any project made or marketed by Redefine Group by itself or under any of its group companies, including Doon Hatcheries Limited.
  20. I consent that Installments are available on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th or 25th of a month. All installments under HSIP should be of the same amount and same date.  I also understand that the bullet requirement as demanded by the Company , through its payment plan, shall be paid separately by me to the Company through advance PDC on the day of Booking.
  21. I understand and agree that the first cheque should be drawn on the same bank account which is to be registered for  NACH/ECS (Debit Clearing) / Direct Debit / Standing Instruction. Alternatively, the cheque may be drawn on any bank, but I (the applicant) will have to provide a photocopy of the cheque of the bank / branch for which NACH/ECS (Debit Clearing) / Direct Debit / Standing Instruction is to be registered. However, I(the applicant) need not submit the First Cheque for enrolment provided the Enrolment Form is attested by the Bank from which installment will be debited or copy of the cancelled cheque or photocopy of the cheque of bank account from which the installment will be debited is attached to the form. a. First Cheque and subsequent Installments via NACH/ECS (Debit Clearing)/ Direct Debit/ Standing Instruction should be of the same amount. b. The Enrolment Form should be submitted atleast 30 days before the first date^ for NACH/ECS (Debit Clearing)/ Direct Debit / Standing Instruction. If the start period is not mentioned, the chosen/Default date falling 30 days from submission date will be considered as the start date and will be registered from that date .^ In case the auto debit start date as mentioned in the form does not satisfy this condition, the first date shall be rolled over to begin from the immediately following month (provided the roll over date does not exceed the maximum time gap of 90 days between the HSIP submission date and first installment of HSIP through NACH/ECS (Debit Clearing) or Direct Debit/ Standing Instruction) and the end date shall accordingly get extended.
  22. I consent that the enrolment will be discontinued in cases where three consecutive installments are not honored or the Bank Account [for NACH/ECS (Debit clearing)/ Direct Debit / Standing Instruction] is closed and request for change in bank account [for NACH/ECS (Debit clearing) / Direct Debit / Standing Instruction] is not submitted at least 30 days before the next HSIP Auto Debit.
  23. I hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Delhi, India for all disputes arising out of or relating to the property booked under the booking form

    I hereby give my consent to have clearly understood all the above mentioned terms and conditions and have been clearly explained to me by the Channel Development Associate/Manager, I also agree to abide by the same. I also hereby declare that all the information given by me in the application form is filled by me personally and is true and correct as per my knowledge.