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About CMD


Chander Mohan, born on 27 May 1984, in Etawah. He is the younger son of the visionary Shri Hotilal and lives with his family in Delhi. Graduated (B.Tech. in Electronics and Communications) BTEC – HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA (HND) In Electrical/Electronic Engineering, U.K. Edxcel

He is married to – SnehLata and has two sons - Daksh and Himank.
He has an elder brother Mr. ChanderPrakash.


Chander Mohan is one of India's leading business leaders and founder of the Redefine Group; whose constituent business enterprises are engaged in pivotal roles in the ongoing economic transformation of India. He is the CMD of the Redefine Group; including, Redefine Investments, Redefine Homes, Redefine Health, Redefine Software & Development.

Chanderbhai or CMD, as he is often referred to by his colleagues, founded the Redefine Group in 2006 and in less than 10 years, the Redefine Group has built a leadership position in distribution based businesses and has become a No. 1 Channel Partner and Channel Head Core Committee Member of Reliance CDA Channel

Key Indicators Of Redefine Group

Redefine Group is amongst India's fastest growing brands and has a largecustomer base of over 1.25 lakh satisfied customers. Redefine Group has assets in excess of Rs. 200 Crores; and over 12,000 employees and distributors & advisors.

Business partnerships & alliances:

  • Redefine Group has strategically allied with API Ltd, to create wonderful properties in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Redefine Group is one of the largest channel Partners of Reliance Life Insurance – CDA Channel
  • Redefine Group is a partner of L&T Health Insurance.
  • Redefine Group is a partner for L&T General Insurance.
  • Redefine Group has applied for the web aggregator license and looks to take up car insurance business in a large way.

Beyond Redefine

  • Member of Channel Head Core Committee, Reliance Life, India.